Introduction: Speaking of War

An ethnographic/behind-the-scenes study of the performers of the spring 2019 tour of Between War & Here, for Ethnography of Communication, University of Maryland, Baltimore County


“What do you hope the audience gets out of this experience?”  That’s one of the questions I wrote down to ask the performers in Ensemble Galilei’s recent tour of Between War & Here.  When I actually asked the question, each performer had a specific story to communicate with the audience, to motivate a certain kind of change. 

It seems only fair that I ask myself that same question as I begin this blog, and the question is a doozy.  Stall…

I’ll try to stall beautifully…  Each blog post on my time with this incredible group will feature some of their work so you can either get to know them or get reacquainted.   This link leads you to their website, click on the Album From Whence We Came which leads you to the recording of Iris.

If you did click and did some exploring, you saw that Ensemble Galilei does Celtic and Early music.  They are especially drawn to mashups, taking melodies from different genres and making them talk to each other.  They play and sing, collaborating with/responding to fellow musicians, singers and speakers, as well as image collections from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Hubble Space Telescope, National Geographic and others.  Neal and Anne, their co-conspirators on this project, are best-known for their work as NPR correspondents; all of them operate with mega-competence at an audible frequency.

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